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Crypto video platform, Blockchain, NFT game, Trading, NFT, Artificial intelligence.


VideMid seeks to reach a specific audience in an increasingly large and powerful market.
Videmid is an innovative video platform that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the community interested in topics related to cryptocurrencies, Trading, blockchain, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), NFT games and artificial intelligence. This platform offers users the ability to upload and share long and short videos of up to 30 seconds, providing a wide variety of content sharing options.
One of the highlights of Videmid is its focus on monetization and generating income for content creators. Videmid creates an environment where creators can directly benefit from their content, thus incentivizing the production of high-quality content.
In short, Videmid is a specialized video platform that focuses on the topics of cryptocurrencies, Trading, blockchain, NFT, NFT games and artificial intelligence. It offers users the ability to upload long and short videos, earn money through advertising and paid subscriptions, receive gifts from users, and create specific promotional campaigns. With a wide range of features aimed at monetizing content and providing revenue opportunities, Videmid positions itself as a leading platform for those interested in these exciting and ever-evolving topics.
Videmid offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. Among them is the option of having a personalized history where you can review the videos you have already seen. In addition, you will have the possibility of creating articles related to the topics required by the platform, which will allow you to contribute relevant and enriching content.
The platform will also give you access to the latest uploaded videos, keeping you up to date with the latest news. You'll be able to explore trending videos, discover popular content, and explore featured channels that match your interests.
It is important to mention that all transactions within the platform will be carried out using the USDT token. This token guarantees the security and integrity of transactions, in addition to facilitating the flow of value within the platform.
We strive to offer a complete and enriching user experience. Through features such as personalized history, article creation, viewing the latest videos, trending videos, and popular channels, users will be able to enjoy a quality and dynamic platform focused on their interests. With the use of the USDT token, Videmid guarantees a secure and efficient environment for all transactions carried out within the platform.
"If you are a content creator, your videos must be yours to be able to monetize them."
Spectator: You can exchange the accumulated points for USDT, the minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT. To withdraw from the platform, you must send your identification document.
Content Creator: Minimum withdrawal, 50 USDT, please note that this amount may change.
IMPORTANT: You should only upload content allowed by the platform (Cryptocurrencies, Trading, Blockchain, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), NFT games and Artificial Intelligence) if you do not follow the rules, you may lose your account and without the right to recover funds.
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